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Han Storm's World on Leilaka:

As had been suggested by fans, herewith the easy reference chart of people, places and terminology used on Leilaka.


Person                    Relationship to Han (Krish), Description, [Meaning of name]

Han Storm             Spiritual description: Very light skin, black hair, purple/violet eyes, slightly built, [Han - Gift from God] Cosmic soul name: Hanuman

Han/                       Han Storm's Leilakan body, golden hair, amber eyes Krish Dameous  [Krish means Dark/black]

Arbodehien             Pastel Purple female energy, Han Storm's friend/lover from his previous life

Ariëtte                     Faery Queen, beautiful blond woman, changes appearance regularly [Eagle-Lion-Griffin]

Avreek                    Dark-skinned Magi

Bajia                        King of Gobajia

Bernine                    Ishmay's wife, blond hair, brown eyes, Elf

Braak                      Advisor to King Lancet, tall, skinny, dark hair, dark eyes

Bru                          Re-incarnation of Shaiho, Gobajia assassin, guard to King Bajia

Brutus                     Freelance Huntsman/scout/guide/soldier, loyal to Connor, black hair/beard/eyes

Captain Brair          Eindstead Captain of Horsemen

Chilouw                  Huracan Rider, dark hair/eyes, Elf

Connor                    Fernlands Ambassador seen as Krish' Legal Guardian, dark brown hair, icy blue eyes, greying beard [Strong-willed]

Dharfien                  Telepathic Huracan Rider, blond hair , brown eyes, Elf

D'maé                     King Dameous as he is known by the Gobajia people

Doulos Anas          Rogue Lord, SlaveMaster/Lizard/Scale/Serpant

Drake                      Fernlands Servant, caregiver, cook, brown hair/eyes, sandy beard

Dronier                    Krish's Uncle, Blond hair & watery blue eyes

Elbien el Karan       Leader of the Bedien Tribes, Habieb's father

Emmaceria             Floverne High Priestess, golden hair, brown eyes, Elf

Ganzor                    Ferrante Sheep [Steel Courage]

Gladien                   Leader of the Glyden Elfes, dark hair/eyes, Elf

Glyden                    Emmaceria's Father, High Counsellor to Jamal, Elf

Gorrd                      Earth Fea, Faery Guard, unkempt giant

G-ranté                    Floverne High Advisor, brown hair/eyes, Elf

Greava                    Huracan Rider, very blond hair, brown eyes, Female Elf

Habieb                    Han's best friend and confidant, Telepathic Huracan Rider, Bedien, dark hair, eyes, skin [Beloved One]

Hadihachmoni      Cosmic Keeper of Matter and Antimatter [Wise leader guiding to the light]

Hludvech               Fernlands Resistance Leader, Brown hair/eyes [Famous Warrior]

Ishmay                    Descendant of Jamal, black hair & dark eyes [God listens], Elf

Jade                         Han Storm's beloved wife from his previous life, Puppet body for Lumox, black hair, golden skin, feline green eyes  

Jamal                      Head Emperor of the Elfes, brown hair/eyes

Judya                      Elf, black hair & dark eyes

Kaliel                       Sword of Jamal, Han's 'magic' sword [one who works for the king]

King Lancet            King of Southern Regions, red hair & brown eyes

Krish Dameous      Prince of Fernlands, golden hair & amber eyes [Dark/Black]

Lance                      Habieb's Huracan, Moira's Mate, bright blue with darker points

Lumox                    Leader in Higher Worlds, Jade's Overself, Portrays himself either as a Druid or a local Chlophilian plant person  

Macor                      Merrykara's younger brother, red hair, brown eyes [blessed happy]

Malakegh               Merrykara's youngest brother, red hair, brown eyes [angelic messenger]

Maltha                    Fionn Sheep [to soften or soothe]

Marshall               Han's friend, red hair, freckled face, brown eyes [horsemaster]

Master Craig           Eindstead Keeper/General for Horsemen, grey hair, hawk-like eyes

Merrykara               King Lancet's Daughter, Han's wife, red hair & green eyes

Merzuk                   Windshine & Ravenstar's black colt [a gift from The Creator]

Moira                      Han's dragon - green - [Exceptional]

Mother Delphi        Oracle of Gobajia, black hair, almond eyes, golden hue to skin

Nintika                    Princess of Gobajia, black hair, dark eyes

Raggwaart              Huracan Master, white hair & brown eyes, Elf

Raico                        Healer Elf, Black hair & dark eyes

Raman                     Ragghwaart's Huracan, Moira's father, green

Ravenstar                Habieb's black Bedien mare

Reif                           Han's Dwarf Physician, brown hair/eyes, Puppet body for Lumox

Samual                     Huracan Rider, very blond hair, soft dreamy brown eyes, Elf

Shaiho                      Han's adopted father from another lifetime lived not on Leilaka

Sprungh                   Floverne Huracan Master, brown hair & eyes, Elf

Strongclaw              Han's black Raven friend

Windshine               Han's black Bedien battle stallion



Crosshaven             King Lancet's Castle, Capital of Southern Regions

Eindstead                Borderlands Castle protecting King Lancet's Lands from the North

Elfs Wood               Magical forest surrounding Hannahushah (inland)

Elms Wood             Magical forest surrounding Floverne (on shoreline)

Elwood of Jamal    Jamal's descendant's home in Glyden - entry-way to other dimensions

Euphranor              Name of the Universe in which Han finds himself [To Delight]

Fernlands               King Dameous' Lands and the name of the Capital Castle

Floverne                  Great City of Elms, Elfen City in Elms Wood on South Shores

Glyden                    Palace inside the crevice in the middle of Elfs Wood

Gobajia                   Eastern Country with yellowish skinned people

Hannahushah         Leilakan Portal City, known as the Holy Place by the Elfes [Favour, Grace, Dawn, Swift Holding Peace]

Karan                      Desert area between King Lancet's lands and Floverne

Leilaka                    Seeding Planet located in the Universe of Euphranor, [Dark Beauty]

Longhorn               King Dameous' Summer Castle, fall under Fernlands Rule

Paleidra                  Vibrational worlds similar to Pleiades & Paleidia in other Universes



Angragi                   Large ferocious deer [Terrible Evil Spirit]

Arás                          Giant Eagles

Bedien Nation         Human Tribes living mostly in the dryer regions, usually darker skin, hair & eye colouring

Cudrl                      Hideous, foul-smelling black blobs of death & destruction, the Rogue Lord's soldiers, originally from another dimension of Leilaka

Death-talker           psychic/medium

Elfen Nation           Faed People with delicate features and small pointed ears, can intermingle with human blood

Elms                        Magical metal of unknown origin containing Cosmic powers

Elwood                   Tree person, keepers of the magical forests, similar to Enntes

Faed                         Ancient Elfen / Ancient Altneght

Faery Nation           Extensive range of Entities blessed with magical powers, living primarily in another Dimension of Leilaka

Ferranté                    'Steelwool' Sheep - wool & hide used to make light armoured clothing as well as utility items such as boots, saddles and coats

Fionn                       Silky White Sheep - wool used for spinning material

Gjin                         Common language of the Far Eastern regions

Glat                         Leilakan gold currency

Horse-whisperer     Animal Telepathic communicator

Huracan                  Water or Sea Dragon

Ladona                   Earth Dragon

Ovis                         Sheep

Sylphide                  Air Faeries 


Huracan Rider -    Huracan

Han                         Moira, green female Huracan

Habieb                    Lance, blue male Huracan

Samual                    Yarod, dark green male Huracan

Raggwaart              Raman, deep sea-green, aged male Huracan

Dharfien                  Lotice, blue-green, male Huracan

Chilouw                  Bhaghat, see-green, male Huracan

Greava                    Minstril, light pearl/yellow with orange tinges, female Huracan 


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