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The End of Days

Excerpt from Leilaka (Chronicles of Han Storm)

"        'and the days will come when the Emperors will fail and the worlds will turn. And in these times the Sons of Man will become the Lords until the Dark becomes strong once more.

         For a thousand years Man will rule before the Rogue Lord will be strong enough to awaken his armies.

         In the last days Man will turn against all other Tribes, including themselves, eventually giving themselves over to the Dark.'

         'I am Jamal, Head Emperor of the Elfes. These are the predictions I have made at the end of the time of the Elfes, at the beginning of the time of Man.

         And when the end of Man is coming, the Cosmos, my Creator, will allow one of His servants to come in disguise. And all Tribes will unite under this servant to defend against imminent Evil and if Evil is negated, to create a New World.'    "


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