The Chronicles of Han Storm


Han Storm: The Chronicles of Han


*** Foreword ***

    This body was almost four hundred years old. I was exhausted with the constant demands placed upon it. I was tired of the way humanity was still abusing one another.

    Instead of peace I had found constant bickering, only rarely coming across an entity that was interested in the workings of the Higher Worlds.

    After all my adventures, I have come home.

    We were in orbit around Creata, the planet where the adventures of Han Storm had started. Universes and Galaxies had been given the opportunity for expansion and further growth.

    I have found only loss and heartache in this extended lifetime. It was time for me to move on to new experiences.

    Moira had called from within one of our all too rare blendings. She was in physical danger and her distress had been evident in her communication.

    The Toowin shuttle would take me home tonight. We were to land near Altneght, sneaking in through the cavern city to join the Opposition Forces inside.

    We landed without incident, having passed through Creata's atmosphere without detection.

    The cavern city was strangely abandoned, most of my people having moved to Duback years ago.

    Altneght opened for me with a compatible DNA sample.

    It was dark inside and the crystal lights did not function upon verbal command.

    One of my Desert Guards switched on a torch, the beam playing over a wall of Security Force Personnel.

    My little band of rebels did not wait, falling upon the wall of soldiers, only to be cut down with high-tech weaponry.

    Fighting alongside my men, the SFPs beat me with electrified rods, disrupting my delicate psychic energies.

    After a while it became quiet, all my men slain, the wall of soldiers closing in around me. I had no strength left to fight them, finally submitting to their painful electric beating, my body working overtime in the healing department.

    They had captured Moira, bringing her forward while I lay squirming on the cold concrete floor.

    Two guards held her upright. She had been drugged.

    **I'm sorry Daddy** Moira told me, tears of helplessness streaming down her face. Her hands were tied behind her back, a gag keeping her from shouting out.

    Subdued, I stayed down. Two guards cuffed my hands behind my back with an ancient type of crystal shackle.

    "Do not attempt to teleport. We have full authority to bring grievous physical harm to your god-child. Believe me, it would be a pleasure" the Captain informed me. His thoughts betrayed him. He would take Moira for himself.

    Life became a blur of electricity induced imbalance and pain. There was a court-marshal where I was asked to co-operate in furthering the Universal reign of the Creata Migration Committee.

    Of course I refused.

    Sentencing followed shortly, with a lot of disappointed people announcing that I would come to my senses, that I would eventually respond to their requests, their orders.

    I was the only living person that had experienced the change of Creatans from a once gentle society into becoming a Universal Military Force to be reckoned with.

    Capitalism had eventually fallen to the Dictatorship of the CMC.  Escaping from my original masters, I had joined the Opposing Forces, taking it upon myself to re-educate and train people to stand up for themselves and fight for their right of Freedom!

    I had promised Moira not to try and escape my sentence, patiently waiting for the CMC to finalize their plans of exiling me to prolonged Crio-sleep. Death would have been a more humane option, yet the Groxes within me did not allow for physical death, and Duek, my Dark Guardian, would guard against any attempt on my physical life in any case.

    The only option for them to preserve me without fear of further interference was to put me to sleep until I changed my mind.

    I was tired of life as it was at the moment. I had lived through enough similar adventures to be saturated by the experiences. Enough was enough. I was looking forward to a long rest.

    Odd thing about sleep.

    I never used to sleep, always dashing off to somewhere else, working on something new. Now, with this forced solitary confinement, I actually found I could sleep. For the first time in my extended lifetime I have started to dream!

    Nothing like visions or anything. Just strange dreams of snow-capped mountains and ancient castles. Of enormous creatures with extended wings, that could breathe fire and ignite life within a spirit.

    It was not a scary dream and I wished to continue this dream whenever I closed my eyes. There was excitement within this dream, as if these creatures were waiting for something great to happen. A strange peace enveloped me when I woke up from this repeated dream. I hoped one dreamt in Crio-sleep.

    I was marched between two of my own Desert Guards to the Grox Preservation Pod. It felt appropriate that my last task appointed to me in this Life Term was to be finalised on my home planet, in the area I loved the most.

    My body would at least sleep near my first love in this adventure. I would forever be near Mara, although not actually touching her. I would, for all intents and purposes, be buried with my people.

    From all the original inner circle, only Moira had remained. She waited for me at the ramp of Alfa-Crios, the Red Grox's Pod. She had requested to personally see to my comfort.

    She could not speak, tears welling up in her eyes.

    I was allowed to stop in front of her. Not being restrained in any way, I gently touched her cheek. She closed her beautiful green eyes, tears spilling over my hand.

    **I'll light a candle for you on my birthday** she told me.

    *I'll dream about you and your mother* I replied before walking up the ramp into the Preservation Pod.

    There was only a Government Official and a physician to witness the execution of my sentence.

    I took my position on the circular Crio-sleep platform.

    This time, I was not going on a mission. 

    This time, the spirit would be contained within the housing. There would not be any escape from this prison.

    Without a further word, the Official started the sequence and red particles enveloped my body.

    I closed my eyes.

    There was no discomfort as the particles thickened to such a mass that my body was captured to float in its density.

    I took a deep breath of red particles.

    My body felt heavy, the cells going into hibernation.

    It felt good . .

                     to finally . . 

                                be allowed . . 

                                                to sleep . . . 




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