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King of Leilaka

Upon Differentiation & Responsibility

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Excerpt: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Leilaka

" "I wish to know" I asked Connor. "What makes one born of Royal Blood? Born of Nobility? What separates Kings from Populace, Leaders from Followers? Elite from Commoner? Is it just how we were created, or what family we had been born into?

I know it is my responsibility as King Dameous to rule, to provide leadership and guidance to these people. I also know that as Han, it is my Cosmic duty to do so. I was created to my task, but how is it expected of men, and women, to be Leaders, Kings and Queens? Captains and Noble born?"

"Share with me how it works where you come from, how the spirit and physical interacts, for you have the concept correct of your responsibility" Connor wanted to know from me.

"We are all spirit incarnated within physical bodies, but spirit entities differ. Not all spirit or souls have been created equal or the same" I informed him. "There is endless variety in the true realm, as on this physical planet. Animal spirits or souls differ from human or evolved spirits, souls.

In some circles human souls are seen to have been made equal, but they are not. Even within The Cosmos there is differentiation where there are lesser souls that have only started on their paths, preferring to start at the bottom, growing and advancing upward. These 'start-up' souls are mostly of average experience and minimal desire for attainment of growth. These people are able to cope with the hard physical labour and mostly constitute the lower, worker classes or populace.

It is known that really great souls have chosen the paths of the labourers, to help uplift and educate this 'class' to a higher degree of evolvement. These higher entities are Masters, taking on these difficult incarnations to help along the evolution of souls.

The average higher evolved souls or entities are more concerned with beauty, art and fulfilment of the self. Most of these just want a good life experience and mostly constitute the middle classes, or what you know as commoners. These souls want to get on with life, raise a family in peaceful and tranquil surroundings, love, work and play without the responsibility of having to care for, or worry about anyone except themselves. They grow discontent when things do not run smoothly for their experience in a physical incarnation.

Then you get two sides of the same thing. Experienced and evolved Soul-Spirits that make up the leaders, the masters of the perceived 'lower', 'middle' and 'higher' classes.

These are the ambitious people with the visions of greatness, those that take up the responsibility to rule the lands, to see that those under them have the stability of circumstance to be able to experience, in comfort, what they wish to.

They are the ones that try and uplift the populace, to educate them that they can become better than what they perceive themselves as.   They are the ones that fight for their people, that have the sense to allow everyone as much freedom, with responsibility, as they can handle.

Then there are those that oppose all of this, the troublemakers that wish to destabilise all that the Leaders and Visionaries had worked so hard for.

In this category also falls those that are selfish and whom want all the power for themselves, without wanting the responsibility that goes with it to look after all those placed under their care.

All these different soul-groups are necessary for the existence of life.

The leaders are the people that cannot be replaced easily. They are indispensable for the advancement and progress of humanity, for what they can offer the middle classes that do not want to take up the responsibility of the leader position, those that merely want to follow with enough freedom to enjoy their lives with only responsibility for themselves.

But the middle classes have their own roles to play. They carry everyone else with their desire for stability. Most of the teachers, scholars, inventors, architects, ministers, healers, musicians, and others, come from these classes to become what is known as the Elite, Noble or those with honorary rank.

Originally, the Captains and armed forces also come from these people for they usually have an innate sense of honour, fairness, truth and justice.

And then you get the beginner classes, mostly for the very young of souls, as well as the unadventurous, conservative and the timid entities.

These lower classes are for the souls that do not wish to grow in themselves, those that tend to have been what was originally called slaves. Those without ambition, without pride, without the innate desire to take responsibility for themselves, the ones that can be easily replaced.

In some areas they are called the poor, the servant or labour classes, or the ones without hope. Yet they have the ability to lift themselves up to higher positions of standing, to get up and do something for themselves, if they so wished. They are easy to manipulate, easy to be used for abusive reasons. Most of these souls merely exist for the sake of existence, waiting to be maintained by others that feel pity for them.

And in between all these free-willed souls there are the guides, observers, masters, teachers, healers, cosmic servants, angels, archangels, legions, ministries, you name it, there are spirit souls working in those departments.

And sometimes the Creator sends in his Personal servants, to do His bidding to His specifications.

Even here, I know the difference between who I know I am and who people think I am. It might be impossible for most people to accept or even try to understand who I really am.

And if I should disclose the truth, most people will not believe me anyway and those that do not know me will simply think me boastful."

"You have all this knowledge available to you. Now tell me, do you still not know why there are Kings, Leaders of Nations, Royal Blood?" Connor asked.

"I think I understand now. Originally, The Creator needed Leaders of ambition that could look after the rest of His Children and He had placed souls into responsible positions, re-using these specific people to allow evolved souls incarnation opportunities. Royal Families or Leader Families were created to make it easy to maintain stability."

"And when people like Dronier come along with a lot of ambition but no desire for the responsibility that goes with being in the Leader position, of being the King, it leads to instability and the threat of the diversity of this world being ruined."

"Then it is what the soul contains that makes a person who he or she is. Or if you had incarnated into a Leader Family, or Bloodline, it is your responsibility to become the best leader you can be.

It all goes about duty and responsibility.

When you are from any other class, you have more freedom than your leader will ever experience, for you are not shackled to the enormous task of looking out and caring for everyone around you."

"You have made your point" Connor smiled at me. "You understand what it is all about. We could not have asked for a more responsible King for Leilaka." "


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