The Chronicles of Han Storm

Metamorphosis of a dragon

Excerpt from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Leilaka

 Harry Potter Dragon

It is a tricky business to survive the metamorphosis of a dragon . . .


Excerpt from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Leilaka

"  Quiet surrounded us.

    We opened our eyes and stretched our neck, followed with our body, the spine clicking into alignment, the tail standing on end, straight back. Our legs we stretched until we were standing on our nails, arching our back like a cat.

    Poking our head out of the cave, we were met with falling snowflakes.

    We did not like the snow and felt irritation at this blizzard that was obscuring our sight.

    After drawing a deep breath, we exhaled, spitting a long streak of fire in a continuous release into the cold air.

    Closing our mouth at this surprising result, we grumbled as the aftertaste of spent chemicals was swallowed back into the depths of our stomach.

    We breathed the fresh, cold air. We felt life pulsating around us, through us.

    We walked into the cold snow at the edge of the crevice. Puddles formed where the snow melted at our touch.

    Concentrating, we found our other body in the care of the Elfes. It was lying in a pathetic heap on a bed, tended by a very concerned Reif. It did not seem as if the body had a lot of life-force left within it.

    We shook our head at this. It was wonderful to have ourselves blended together as we were at the moment, but we still had a life to live in our own, separate experiences.

    **I still want to fly with my friend, Han. I still want a life opportunity. You cannot stay with me any longer. Your body is waning with your absence. Return home, Han. Return home, heal and then come to me . . .**




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