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Bismuth Crystals for sale

We sometimes have Bismuth and other Gemstones for sale. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 
PayPal direct invoice will be made out or South African clients can also pay via EFT. 
Price is determined by rarity of shape. 

Please note photographs do not do the beauty of Bismuth justice and actual colour of crystals might differ depending on light reflection. 

Link: More information regarding Bismuth Crystals.

Shipping not included and will be quoted upon

00 Bismuth Crystal Earrings Sue Harris  20190301 Blue Moon Farmers Market - Bismuth Crystal 2 

3 of our Bismuth pieces set into jewellery


SOLD              B003 Bismuth Crystal Dragon Triangle Cluster / Rare Form           7x5x2.5cm      44grams Bismuth Crystals B003-2


SOLD             B004 Bismuth Crystal Star Cluster - ideal for jewellery      3.5x3.5x1.5cm            23grams Bismuth Crystals B004-2


 SOLD          B005 Bismuth Crystal Square Ridge - ideal for jewellery   5x2.5x0.5cm   20grams Bismuth Crystals B005-2


SOLD             B006 Bismuth Crystal Star Abundance Cluster       4.5x3x2cm      25grams

 Bismuth Crystals B006-2


SOLD             B007 Bismuth Crystal Flat Star Cluster - ideal for jewellery           4x3x1cm         21grams Bismuth Crystals B007-1


SOLD            B008 Bismuth Crystal Square Arrow Piramid Triangle - ideal for jewellery           5x4x1cm            16grams Bismuth Crystals B008-1


SOLD           B009 Bismuth Crystal Pyramid Cluster Arrow - Rare form            4x4x1.7cm      21grams Bismuth Crystals B009-3


SOLD             B010 Bismuth Crystal Bismuth Crystal Square with base - small size        2x2x1.2cm      10grams Bismuth Crystals B010-1



NEW OWNER - Mayan Shaman Rosario Panti - B011 Bismuth Crystal Perfect double Square with base - medium size 

2.5x2.5x2cm 22grams Bismuth Crystals B011-1



SOLD            B012 Bismuth Crystal Pyramid on cluster base       2.5x2x2cm      16grams

 Bismuth Crystals B012-2



SOLD            B013 Bismuth Crystal Pyramid - medium size        2x2.5x2cm      13grams

 Bismuth Crystals B013-2



 SOLD             B014 Bismuth Crystal Pyramid - medium size        2x2x2cm         11grams

Bismuth Crystals B014-2 



SOLD           B015 Bismuth Crystal Square - medium size           2x2x2cm         13grams

 Bismuth Crystals B015-1



CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE        B001 Bismuth Crystal Arrow/Space Ship/Rare Form ART CLASS





CURRETLY NOT AVAILABLE         B002 Bismuth Crystal Triangle Abundance Arrow Base Rare Form ART CLASS

This is a powerful one of a kind crystal, looking for a new owner who will resonate with it. 

 Bismuth Crystal Display Only Healing Oil Products


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