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Please respect the hard work of this author. I value my work. This is my career, my income and my passion. A single book can take years to polish to the publishing stage. On average my books take 18-24 months, sometimes longer to complete.
If you do not wish to take a chance on more than 2 million published words, please refer to the free chapters.If you are still unsure, these books are not for you. 

These are mixed genre books and do not fall into any specific category. 
Loosely classified as "real life past life autobiographies" falling under anything from space opera and science fiction to fantasy, romance, horror, self-help, esoteric, paranormal, metaphysical, action-adventure, I leave it up to the reader to decide for themselves.


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Preserving Creata Part 2 is distributed by Smashwords to other platforms such as Amazon. Please let me know if you find my books on these selling sites as I surely do not.

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Words and pages per book might vary slightly according to edition. 

 1 - Chronicles-of-Han-Storm 2016 Covers Whole Series 


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2019 NDE THUMBNAIL This book is meant to be enjoyed independently while complementing the current Chronicles of Han Past Life book series. This book covers the NDEs (Near Death Experiences), Life Review, impact, and recovery process from Third Degree Burns to 35% of the author's body.

56,391 words - 207 pages approximately 6 hours of entertainment 


 USD $11.00 

NDE - Living a Multidimensional Life #1
email address

Collection of Blogs Book Cover 1 Due to Popular Demand, The Chronicles of Han, Behind the Scenes, Collection of Blogs no 1-52 is now available as an ebook. PDF format only. 40,000words 129pages

USD $2.99 

Blog Booklet 1-52 eBook
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001 Web Preserving Creata  

Preserving Creata, Chronicles of Han Storm, Creata Adventure, Book 1, (PART 1-7) eBooks, free chapters on website and Wattpad, 287 433words 777pages

USD $11.00

Preserving Creata eBook
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00 Thumbnail Part 1 Learning Curve Preserving Creata Chronicles of Han by H Gibson 1  42,850 words This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">email me for a free complementary copy or download from Smashwords


As per reader request, This is the first part that has now been made available independently from the compiled Preserving Creata book which consists of Part 1 to part 7.

Part 2 Preserving Creata THUMBNAILS resize After the murder of Han Storm's Partner and Handler, it was decided best to remove Han from the city of New Haven to protect his life. In this adventure Han meets a Longevite Elemental and Shape Shifter, falls in love, learns to use telepathy and develops his teleport skills. $4.99 USD on other selling pages.

Preserving Creata PART 2 eBook
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002 Web Reclaiming Duback Reclaiming Duback, Chronicles of Han Storm, Creata Adventure, Book 2, Part 8, eBooks, 225 265words 628pages

USD $11.00 

Reclaiming Duback eBook
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 003 Web Taming Encha Taming Encha, Chronicles of Han Storm, Creata Adventure, Book 3, Part 9 & 10, eBooks, 300,464words 732pages

USD $11.00

Taming Encha eBook
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Slide6Sovereign Dohr, Chronicles of Han Storm, Creata Adventure, Part 11, eBook, words: 128,789, pages: 349, estimated reading time: 14hours 

USD $11.00

Early Bird PreOrder Sovereign Dohr eBook
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 005 Web Leilaka Leilaka, Chronicles of Han Storm, Leilaka Adventure # 1, eBooks, 280,319words 672pages

USD $11.00 

Leilaka eBook
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 2 Saving Leilaka Saving Leilaka, Chronicles of Han Storm, Leilaka Adventure # 2, eBooks, 297,915words 712pages  

USD $11.00 

Saving Leilaka eBook
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 SOON TO COME - more Creata Adventures

eBooks Soon to come Chronicles of Han Creata Adventure


  00 Preserving Creata - Copy 2

Paperback Books



Chronicles of Han Storm 1 Preserving Creata Horizontal Preserving Creata, Chronicles of Han Storm, Creata Adventure, Book 1, Part 1-7

       Price: $35 USD  

Preserving Creata Paperback

Chronicles of Han Storm 2 Reclaiming Duback Horizontal Reclaiming Duback, Chronicles of Han Storm, Creata Adventure, Book 2

       Price: $35 USD

Reclaiming Duback Paperback



Chronicles of Han Storm 3 Taming Encha Horizontal Taming Encha, Chronicles of Han Storm, Creata Adventure, Book 3

       Price: $35 USD

Taming Encha Paperback

Chronicles of Han Storm Leilaka Horizontal Leilaka, Chronicles of Han Storm, Leilaka Adventure # 1

       Price: ITEM CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - OUT OF PRINT - kindly email an enquiry to be notified when back in print


 20170216 084110 Saving Leilaka, Chronicles of Han Storm, Leilaka Adventure # 2

       Price: $35 USD

Saving Leilaka Paperback

 Chronicles of Han Mug seethrough jpeg pic Coffee Mug - Chronicles of Han Storm




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